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yume_mifune [userpic]


May 30th, 2005 (10:25 pm)

Hey, I'm Shaun one of the mods! I just gotta say that Mary is the best Big Brother housemate! She's pretty! She's werid! Even though she was booed when she came in, she'll be Wooed when she gets evicted! She could even win, just like Nadia: Hated at the beggining, Loved at the end. ^_^ Post you're thoughts on Mary & the other housemates!

yume_mifune [userpic]


May 2nd, 2005 (07:05 am)

General Information

Harunobu Nakatoni  

Age: 15

Gender: Male!
Date of Birth: 1/1/90
Report Card: A+

Personal Information

Appearance: Harunobu has a chubby face, short black greasy hair. Some even say he has nits. His teeth a yellow and chipped filled with fillings. He has a lot of acne and is very stumpy. He has short legs and arms but a huge stomach. He weighs a lot more than anyone in the class.

Picture: I couldn’t find one
L could someone find a pic for me? I’m no good at pic finding!

Personality: He’s a snooty little bastard. He doesn’t like anyone and no one likes him. He’s a loner, loser. He is a hypocrite and thinks that rich people can do anything and everyone else is a loser, worthless, just like dog shit (Shuya’s speech thing! ^_^ lol) When he tries to be nice, he can’t, because they will just say something and he will get angry very easy and start kicking off and trying to hit everyone.


Intelligence: He is very smart, since he did move up a year

Good with computers: He can use computers well



Strength: Very weak

Running: Can’t run fast at all

Overnight bag: He has a range of candy bars in his bag, other foods like crisps, biscuits ect. He also has a change of clothes (The normal stuff) His laptop. Also his game boy advance, lots of games and lots of batteries!

Student Background & History


Mother: His mother is a very wealthy and high up in the government. She gives him what ever he wants, but she is never at home.


History: His mother and father divorced when he was born, and he never saw them again. He had a younger brother who died after being born. At the age of 4 his mother got a very good job and they got really wealthy. Before that
Harunobu was a normal kid, but after she got a job after that he started to get depressed and started to eat, eat and eat to keep himself from getting depressed, but just made himself worse and fatter. At the age of 14 he moved up a year due to his intelligence. He’s only been in the class for 1 and a half years, and still has no friends.

Teacher Observations

Class Behavior: He is very good in class, but sits by himself in the corner, even though he is doing well; he looks depressed all the time.


Friends/Relationships: No friends.

yume_mifune [userpic]


May 1st, 2005 (02:36 am)

General Information

Name: Yume Mifune ^_^

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 24 december 1989 (I think thats it for a 16 year old ^^)
Report Card: b

Personal Information

Appearance: Yume has long black hair that reaches just below her elbows. She has brown eyes. She also has no acne so her face is really smooth. She is very small for her age. She has a petit figure and is very skinny. Her arms are long, but her legs are really short for a 16 year old. (Sorry if this is too short ^^)

Picture: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Personality: Yume is very moody, and doesn't trust alot of her clasmates. She trusts her friends alot though and acts very happy infront of them. She would just tell jokes to cheer anyone up even if they wern't her friends and didn't like them that much. She just can't bear to see people upset. When Yume is at home she will be much more energitic and hyper than at school. She will try and never look upset infront of her aunt. She just can't bear to make her aunt worry....

Horse riding: Yume is very good at horse riding since she took lesson at a very young age.
Persuasive: She can talk people into things very easy, so this may come in handy.

Running: Yume is not a fast runner, and is very weak
keeping calm: Yume cant keep calm in bad sititations.

Overnight bag: Yume had kept all her make-up in her bag, 2 tops, a pair of traniers. A tracksuit. She also brought lots of her joke books what she uses to tell jokes to her friends and to keep her spirit up. She also kept her pocket knife she carries everywhere with her, also her favrouite keyring (a plastic cyrstal) she got from her aunt.

Student Background & History: Yume had been beaten and sexual harrassed by her parents at the age of 4. At the age of 5 she was sent to live with her aunt after her mother and father died in a car accident. Her aunt taught her how to ride a horse on the farm she owned. Yume has her own horse and loves all animals. For her 13th birthday her aunt gave her a plastic cystal keyring and she carries it everywhere with her. Her aunt treats Yume like her own daughter since her aunt has never had a child of her own and is also single.
At school Yume doesn't have much friends and isn't that popular, but she gets along very well with her friends. She also trys to make everyone happy.

Mother: Her mother would beet her when she was younger. Yume hates her mother and was glad she died
Father: Her father would sexualy harrass Yume, but also died in a car accident with her mother
Auntie: Yume's aunt was the nicest person in the world! She would be so kind to Yume since she had no kids of her own she took in Yume.

History: Isn't this the same as background & history? Tell me if it isnt thanks ^^

Teacher Observations

Class Behaviour: Yume does well in class, she is an avreage student, with an average grade. But tends to mess around in some lessons

Kanaye Yamaguchi: Yume's best friend. She really trusts him, they can talk about anything. Kanaye is gay but Yume doesn't care, she thinks its nice to have a boy who is a friend to be able to talk about everything she can.

Eiji Satou: One of Yume's close friends. They have alot of stuff in common and like to be nice to most people in the class, even though Yume doesnt like everyone and Eiji mostly likes everyone.

Nao fuyukyou: Yume is one of the followers in her gang, but i doesnt mean she "really" likes her. Well yes, she likes Nao but whenever she isnt with Kanaye she's with these or somethings Michiko. Yume is also jealous of Nao for her wealthy homelife.

Akemi Isamu: One of the followers in Nao's gang, Yume doesnt really speak to Akemi much, she speaks mostly to either Nao or Shizuru when she's walking around with them. They are friends, just not very close

Shizuru Hanazawa: Yume has always liked Shizuru and is always making her laugh. She is the one she likes most in Nao's gang and is quite good friends with her.

Michiko Yamaoka: Yume doesnt really know Michiko, and just talks to her slighty. She would call Michiko just a friend who she doesnt hang around with, just talks to in class or at lunch ect.

(OOC, Thats all the friends Yume can have. As you can see, i have 6, but a few of them arn't real good friends to me. So if you are wanting to be friends with me, I'm afraid its too late. ^_^)

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